27 january eclipse astrology

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Leo is ruled by the biggest star of the zodiac, the Sun. Also, it rules the fifth house, the area that corresponds to fertility, creativity, pleasure, and fun. By analyzing their characteristics above, we see that what makes them different is that Leo is focused on its expression and Aquarius on its vision. Furthermore, this can be explained considering their elements. Hence, it wanted for us to tap into our truth and to realign with our passion; to balance our logic with our emotions.

The sign of Cancer is known for the crab that can sometimes hide in its shell. On the other hand, Leo shines brightly always, just like the Sun. Therefore, this infrequent merging talks about letting out the lion or wolf escape of where it has been confined on.

Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

This out of sign aspect of a 2 degree orb, is what impulses the breaking of this shell. Both are in fiery signs, therefore, this may happen unexpectedly like an explosion. Here the feral being within awakes.

The author of Women who Run with the Wolves says:. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. We can see that how she describes this archetype reflects the characteristics of Leo energy creative, passionate and what the fifth house in our chart represents. As a cardinal Libra, you are right in the thick of these potent eclipse energies.

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Luckily, your personal ruler Venus connects with gift bringer Jupiter ,enhancing your communication skills and making you more attractive. On Monday, a new 18 month mission arrives delivered by the Super Moon eclipse. Events will conspire to put you in the spotlight, whether through your career or your public image.


New Moon 27 January That Nagging Feeling – Astrology King

Any gaps between what you do and what you say will be visible. After the last few years of upheavals and personal insecurity, you have a wonderful opportunity to find a meaningful role for yourself. Do this by stepping out of your usual routines and familiar places and faces. Widen your horizons, take a trip somewhere interesting, join a group that challenges your preconceptions. Follow that restlessness and curiosity wherever it leads. That may not sound exciting but it will be crucial if you are to squeeze all the juice out of your personal planet Jupiter being back in your sign for the first time in 12 years.

So look at your financial bottom line, at how you manage your money and identify leaks or overspending. Next, ask yourself where in your life are you underestimating your skills, talents and contribution. This week sets off a 6 month train of events that underlines the importance of knowing where you stand on the axis of self and other — are you overly independent, co-dependent or interdependent?

Do you tend to operate as a lone ranger or to be a team player? In a year of contractive reality-checking energy, the quality of your alliances with friends, partners, clients and family will make the difference that makes the difference. Make your absolute top priority your self-care and wellbeing -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Permanently rid yourself of self-sabotaging health habits and install some supportive, regenerating new ones. Fortunately, you have both Venus and Jupiter at the pinnacle of your chart smoothing your path and giving you an attractive vision or blueprint to aim for.

Make sure you hold on to and record any daydreams, insights or downloads — these will be compost for growing a new income stream that resonates with the collective. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Astrology of January 12222 – A New Beginning

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    27 january eclipse astrology 27 january eclipse astrology
    27 january eclipse astrology 27 january eclipse astrology
    27 january eclipse astrology 27 january eclipse astrology
    27 january eclipse astrology 27 january eclipse astrology
    27 january eclipse astrology 27 january eclipse astrology
    27 january eclipse astrology 27 january eclipse astrology

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