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Seek users by nickname. Seek users by astro signs. Contact Links Facebook. Once a signature is established, it can be used to help predict the potential of breast cancer in a subject using their birth chart. There are many contributing factors to cancer such as life style, genetics and stress, to name a few, but the advantage to knowing if the potential is there, one can then adjust their lifestyle.

In order to be able to predict cancer based on an astrological chart, one would need to ensure the data comes from astrologers who had personally worked with the client in the past.

Moreover, in order to conduct a meaningful study, a sizable amount of data is required. The Moon rules several aspects such as childhood, our mother, and our feelings.

Cancer Moon Sign

The focus of this study will be on connections to the Moon and the astrological sign of Cancer, which the Moon rules, to breast cancer. There will be two subsequent studies on breast cancer. One on Venus which rules the feminine and thus also rules the breasts and final one which will also encompass the other facets such as Ascendant, Sun sign the 6th house of illness combined with Moon and Venus aspects.

In a statistical analysis, one of the key measuring factors is the Chi Square. Chi Square is a statistical test that compares the measured value to the expected norm for that measurement.


There is an occasional yellow or black car but a majority are red. So, you draw the conclusion that most cars are red, fast, and expensive. Is this a correct conclusion? Sure, if you are at the Ferrari dealership.

Now you venture out to all the dealerships in your city and realise you were observing an anomaly or a very fixed sample base. Red, fast, and expensive would score a high Chi Square if you were observing only Ferrari dealerships. However, if you were to sample all the dealerships then the red, fast, and expensive would score low in Chi Square as most cars would be black, grey and white and would be mid-range priced.

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Pickup trucks score high in Wyoming but low in Rome. Tuk tuks will score high in India but non-existent in North America, however worldwide the tuk tuk might score high because of the popularity and shear volume in the East. It is this concept that is important in statistical analysis. Therefore, in the astrology of breast cancer a certain characteristic should score high in people with breast cancer but low for people without breast cancer.

The breast cancer data consisted of astrological charts. They were analysed using the Air Software www.

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The software was set to list only the contributors that gave a Chi Square of 2 or greater than chance and will indicate whether or not the contributor happened often or seldom. In order to determine the Chi Square, the breast cancer charts were compared against a control group.

Seldom occurrences are as important as the ones that happen often. The software calculated events which registered higher than a Chi Square of 2. They are broken down into Chi Square, Percent probability and whether the aspect occurred seldom in or often in breast cancer charts.

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A Chi Square of 6 is equivalent to a It is also called a Black Box model because what happens between the input and output is not known. The Fast Research programme has the capability to take all the contributors from the model based on what occurs often and what occurs seldom and develop a Neural Network which can predict the outcome based on all aspects of the chart.

The inputs are weighted. Chi Squares of This model for the modern rulerships did meet the convergent conditions. The figures below show how the model behaves when the breast cancer charts are compared to other types of cancer models. There are two models for breast cancer, where one analyses modern rulership and one analyses classical rulership. The figure below is a slice of the neural net results run for breast cancer.

Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart
Cancer astrological chart

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