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But her Sun was not in Virgo. It was in sensitive, charitable Pisces, the dreamiest, most impressionable sign in the zodiac. And indeed, that sign described her more fully. She had many devoted friends, a husband she adored, a city loft filled with original artwork, and a second home — a tiny cottage — on a windswept island in a distant sea. Her life was suffused with romance, creativity, and water.

But if she had experienced the poetry of Pisces, she also knew the pain of it. In one form or another, she had coped with everything from a relative in jail to alcoholism. She was a Pisces down to her toes. Nonetheless, she looked like a Virgo. The Ascendant describes the surface level of your personality. It is who you appear to be — the surface you present to the world. In the past, many astrologers considered the Ascendant the most essential part of the birth chart — even more central than the Sun sign.

Today, most astrologers rank the rising sign, the Sun sign, and the Moon sign as the three most important parts of a chart. The zodiac revolves around the Earth like a gigantic ring. At any given moment, one sign of the zodiac is rising over the eastern horizon and another sign is setting in the west; one sign is riding high above you and another sign is on the opposite side of the planet. Each of these points represents one of the four main angles of your chart.

The sign on the eastern horizon is your rising sign; the exact degree of that sign is your Ascendant. The degree at the top of your horoscope is the Midheaven, or M. Those four points determine the angles of your horoscope, as shown in Figure To do it yourself, should you be so inclined, you have to get your hands on the full collection of astrological gear, including an atlas, a Table of Houses, and an ephemeris an almanac listing the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets for every day of the year.

Alternatively, you could go to the Internet, as described in Chapter 2. I tell you how to do that in Chapter 3. Begin by copying the chart on the Cheat Sheet at the front of this book. Then write in the other signs in a counterclockwise direction. If you were born around dawn, the Sun was on or near the horizon. Its symbol in your chart should also be near the Ascendant, perhaps in the same sign.

If you were born around noon, the Sun sits near the top of your chart in the ninth or tenth house. If you were born around dusk, when the Sun was setting, the Sun in your chart is once again on the horizon, this time in the sixth or seventh house, near the Descendant.

And if you were a midnight delivery, the Sun lies below the horizon, in the third or fourth house. The Ascendant describes the surface of your personality. They convey a powerful, unspoken message to others — and even you may come to associate them with your deeper self. Reckless and extroverted, with an abundance of energy, you invigorate everyone around you. You take pride — for good reason — in your ability to get things moving. When you know what you want, you go after it boldly.

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But you can also be competitive and insensitive. You have a tendency to take over. And when obstacles block your path, your patience which is never your high card may evaporate. You love to be there at the start of an enterprise when the excitement is building. Later on is another story. Regardless of your Sun sign, your ruler is Mars, the warrior planet. Its location by sign and by house as well as the aspects it makes to other planets describes your energy level and the nature of your desires.

It brings you the security you need. Regardless of your Sun sign, your ruler is Venus, the planet of love and attraction. Its location by sign and by house as well as the aspects it makes with other planets describes the role of love, art, and beauty in your life. Occasionally, an author presents the essential information.

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Geoffrey Chaucer, for example, clearly knew his astrology. Myn ascendent was Taur and Mars therinne — Allas, allas, the evere love was sinne! I folwed ay my inclinacioun By vertu of my constellacioun; That made my I coude nought withdrawe My chambre of Venus from a good felawe. So who are the real-life people with Taurus rising and Mars therein?

Janet Jackson is one. Barbara LaMarr is another. LaMarr, an actress from the days of silent films, married six times before her death from drug abuse at age You pick up information in a flash and quickly adapt to changing circumstances even if you also like to complain about them. You have a curious mind and may have writing ability.


No matter what your Sun sign is, your ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication. Its position by sign and by house, along with the aspects it makes to other planets, describes the way you speak, the way you learn, and the way your mind works.

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Cancer rising: Moody, sensitive, and imaginative, you live at a high emotional pitch. When you feel besieged by the needs or criticism of others, you withdraw into the privacy of your shell. Home, food, family, and financial well-being are essential to your peace of mind. The ever-changing Moon is your ruling planet, no matter what your Sun sign may be.

By house, by sign, and by aspect, it describes your emotions and instincts. You have great personal pride. You do your best to appear lighthearted and confident, and you usually succeed. You also have unmistakable leadership ability. No wonder they want to bask in your glow. The Sun is your ruling planet, regardless of the sign of the zodiac you were born under. It represents your essential self and your vitality, which is enhanced by having a Leo Ascendant.

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Virgo rising: A natural conversationalist, you have a quick, incisive mind and a thoughtful, controlled demeanor. Though you seem to enjoy having your head in the clouds, you're actually craving structure and security, the kind of certainty that comes from routines and habitual behavior. Aries Descendant If Aries lies on your Descendant, you're seeking a love partner who will stimulate you, someone dynamic and assertive.

Since you have Libra Rising -- a Sign known for its indecisiveness and caution -- you feel as though you need someone who's resolute in their actions. You crave relationships full of fireworks and surprises, so expect that, with whomever you attract, you will experience some spirited conflicts and misunderstandings. It's in your nature to fall quick and to fall hard, impulsively wrapping yourself up in someone's life before you even take a moment to consider the consequences of the union.

You may also marry on a whim. With the combination of impetuous Aries on the Descendant and romantic Libra Rising, you could wake up single in the morning and find yourself hitched in Vegas by nightfall! Leo Descendant If Leo lies on your Descendant, you're hunting for a mate who is as gregarious and sociable as you, but who possesses the sort of resolute confidence and emotional expressiveness that you sometimes feel you lack.

Since you have Aquarius Rising -- a Sign associated with aloof intellectuality and humanitarian interests -- you need a mate who will counter your self-deprecating pride with their own brand of pride -- of a more effervescent, positive variety. You hold your own in the spotlight, assured and well-spoken. When the attention turns to your love life, though, to sharing your most intimate emotions with another person, you run and hide, fearful of being pinned down or caged; and yet you instinctually seek out romantic partners who are steadfast and loyal and who will worship you and spoil you with unconditional support and affection.

Sagittarius Descendant If Sagittarius lies on your Descendant, you're searching for someone who has not only the same intellectual nature as you, but also the focus and stamina to turn their innovative thoughts into direct action. Since you have Gemini Rising, people see you as intelligent but also a bit brisk and lighthearted, not too keen on delving beneath the surface or advancing past the initial fun stages of things. You seek out a mate who will take you deeper, who will allow your expansive mind the space it requires, someone with whom you can share the rather idealistic beliefs you keep hidden beneath a cool, glib exterior.

When it comes to love, you're flirtatious and spontaneous. You tell potential partners that you need your freedom, that you can't be tied down to one mate forever and you'll likely marry more than once , but you actually feel the most liberated when you're in a secure relationship. Shining Ray. She is such an excellent Astrologer Miss Saturn, I totally agree with everything she says. Hey Howl the description of my Pisces Descendant sounds a lot like me, I am very cautious in approaching love. I do need to be needed in my relationship. I didn't like it when my partner's mum cooked him a meal before he left from visiting her, because I was going to cook for him.

I can be critical to my partner but I do it gently I hope.

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Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly. No part of the messages sent on these boards may be copied without their owners' explicit consent. User Name. Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Does your descendant describe your partner. Page 1 of 5. Thread Tools. Miss Saturn Banned. Join Date: Jun Posts: Does your descendant describe your partner Hi, Does your Descendant describe your partner, I was reading up on the descriptions of the D. Find all posts by Miss Saturn.

Join Date: Apr Posts: Find all posts by laliqueviolin. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Thanks for the info SS. Rubella Member. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Hmmmm, Interesting thought. Find all posts by Rubella. Mary Senior Member. Mary Last edited by Mary; at AM. Find all posts by Mary. Howl Senior Member. Join Date: May Location: over the moon Posts: Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Capricorn on the cusp, with seventh house containing cap south node and aquarius venus My deepest and longest lasting relationship with with a capricorn, with aqua mars and aqua rising, so it does seem rather accuate for me so far.

Find all posts by Howl. Join Date: Mar Posts: The fact that my 7th house also contains sco in it makes more sense in matching my partner as he involved in the health profession Last edited by 23; at AM. Find all posts by Lorielle Senior Member. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner I have 14 Leo 14 on the 7th house cusp. AquariusMoon Senior Member. Join Date: Aug Posts: Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Hi. Find all posts by AquariusMoon. Lynns Senior Member. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner My desc.

Find all posts by Lynns. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner I don't have a partner at the moment. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Ouch, sounds like you've met some of the dregs of the gemini population They're not all like that, I promise Yeah, I would be interested to hear if anyone has had or has a long term partner who is described by their juno placement. Sanem Senior Member. Posts: Find all posts by Sanem. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Hmm.. Join Date: May Posts: 2. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Dear All I have no planets in the seventh house.

Find all posts by deepak gurnani. Francesca Senior Member. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Everything in my chart to do with partners and 7th is neptunian, yet I am always attracted to Geminis due to my Gemini mars. Find all posts by Francesca. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner On the subject of relationships I found this lovely description of my Virgo boyfriend.

Wave Member. Re: Does your descendant describe your partner Hi, my descendant is in Saggitarius, so I am attracted to freedom and adventure loving men, who are also quite individualistic, and are different from other men since they are unique and original. Enjoy each part of you. Enjoy who you are! Astrology gives you the ability to see how similar, and how unique, you are in the crowd :. Chart Content.

descendant astrology sagittarius Descendant astrology sagittarius
descendant astrology sagittarius Descendant astrology sagittarius
descendant astrology sagittarius Descendant astrology sagittarius
descendant astrology sagittarius Descendant astrology sagittarius
descendant astrology sagittarius Descendant astrology sagittarius

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