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My Account 0 Item s Log In. Add to Compare. With nearly two million copies in print, Gary Goldschneider's Secret Language of Birthdays and Secret Language of Relationships are mainstays of any bookstore astrology section. Other Resources. Our Publishing Partners. Really liked it. This astrology book is formatted in a really interesting way, skipping the getting-to-know-signs thing and getting right to the point.

It gives advice and presents warnings. It offers some key traits, as well.

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The cover and formatting of this book are really beautiful and enjoyable. Aside from that, I was unimpressed. Some of the sec This astrology book is formatted in a really interesting way, skipping the getting-to-know-signs thing and getting right to the point. Some of the sections seemed spot-on, but some of them read as though Goldschneider was fixating on certain aspects or possibilities of the signs, instead of experiences that are most common with those signs. I do think that the formatting and ideas behind this book are unique enough to give to some credit, but overall it would not be an astrology book that I would rave about or recommend to others.

However, some of the things I read did not line up with how the signs actually act, including my own sign which I will look at below. It was interesting to read about the more personal side though, like "love", "friends", a 3. It was interesting to read about the more personal side though, like "love", "friends", and "parents" sections. Okay, now onto what I didn't like. I felt like a lot of the sign descriptions were off.

Because of this tactic, it may be difficult to determine if Aries is in fact interested in you. This doesn't fit at all with Aries' take charge attitude, and how they love 'the chase'.

If they DON'T like you and ignore you, that makes total sense. But if they do, that makes no sense. I felt like the author may have disliked certain signs a little bit, such as Aries and Virgo from what I can remember. For example, this: "[U]nder that coating of Aries bravado and self-confidence is a tiny child who hates and fears rejection above all things" Well why does it have to be a tiny child?

The author kept referring to Aries as childlike, and childish, throughout the whole Aries chapter. Yet in private, they can be extremely affectionate. Aries are supposedly childlike and childish but they're also so serious they can't even have fun? Aries are funny and laugh all the time, and they can also be serious but it doesn't prevent them from being humourous!! Overall, it was an okay read. I didn't find it to be accurate to some of the signs, especially my sign I can't speak for the rest.

Would recommend to people interested in astrology. Try it out for yourself! Aug 16, Mayah Singh rated it it was amazing.

The Astrology Of You And Me

This book was insanely captivating and insightful. I bought the book with the intention of enjoying it, but was surprised when I ended up liking it as much as I did. I bought this book once I planned on creating an astrology club and then ended up actually considering this one of my favorites.

While reading this I was absolutely blown away by the writing style, but also by the simplicity. I truly loved the care that went into this book, but also the caution to not be biased. It explained in dept This book was insanely captivating and insightful. It explained in depth a description of each zodiac sign along with the personality traits attributed to each type of sign i.

The author's writing style is lovely because it is easy to follow and doesn't feel like a task. I was able to read through each description with ease, the definition of reading for the joy of it. The target audience covers a wide scope. The demographic honestly could target all ages coming from a teenager.

The tone of the author was nice to read through with a mixture of more complex and simple words.

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There was also a lot of description in the details which made me feel a stronger connection to the descriptions. The descriptive word-choice made the horoscopes seem much realer to the reader which was more of a reason to be inclined to read further. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes astrology obviously. More specifically, anyone who is interested in how each type of sign acts in certain situations, not so much on compatibility.

This book doesn't really get into compatibility, which would be something that most people would probably expect to be in the book that isn't. The book is also well-articulated and easy to read for all ages, which may be something to consider. For the price, the quality is also great with nice aesthetics.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this book due to the price, quality, and content. Feb 23, Sonia Reppe rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. How to approach other people according to their astrological sign. This sections repeat for all of the signs. For Love, sections include: Turn-ons and turn-off on the first date, iImpressing the first date, break-ups; even how each sign will act in a divorce. Just to name a few. It's the kind of book that you refer to, not read all at once. I found the Taurus sections entertaining and pretty accurate, even though now and then there are generalizations that can be said for everyone.

No one likes to be dumped or fired, and every child likes affection from their parents I read how to handle the Libra child, and it's true, my daughter is always surrounded by her friends. The one section that surprised me was in Pisces. Maybe I don't recall what I've read in other Astrology books, but this one made Pisces out to seem almost as dark and temperamental as Scorpios. My mom has always been sunny and cheerful, and also my youngest sister for the most part, but maybe other planets in their chart balance them out.

Maybe they are not typical, because I've seen that Pisces does have a temperamental tendency.

My husband has moon in Pisces and he has a dark side. Oct 16, Flavia rated it it was amazing. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Having grown up in a culture that strongly believes in horoscopes and how they can affect how one human interacts with another, I have always been interested in astrology and its effect on relationships. Strangely enough, I never really picked up a book that goes into large detail about this particular subject. On the other hand, I tell myself that this is a practice that has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, and that therefore there has to be some truth to it, or it would have become a thing of the past, right?

When I found out that Quirk Books had published a book about astrology and I saw the cover, I knew that I had to request it for review. Well, this book is even more stunning in person, with silver accents on the cover, and beautiful imagery on the inside. I was also impressed with the amount of detail that was included in this book.

Gary Goldschneider's everyday astrology : how to make astrology work for you

Each zodiac has its own section with a beautiful illustration and the author then goes into detail about each sign when it comes to work, love, and friends and family! Apr 19, Nissa rated it really liked it. The book I didn't know I needed to read! What I loved about reading through this book with an eye for family and coworkers was that embedded in the descriptions of how to relate to different signs is absolutely valuable advice on relating to other people, taking their styles into consideration, and being more thoughtful about interactions. From the beautiful cover to the incredible resemblance of the de The book I didn't know I needed to read!

Everyday Astrology by Gary Goldschneider - ISBN: (Quirk Books)

From the beautiful cover to the incredible resemblance of the descriptions to the people I know, I found this book to be an absolute pleasure. Informative if you're into astrology, and super fun even if you're not, I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a different angle on relating well to others. The Instant Dream Book. Moon Journal. Divine Love Astrology. Shiva Das , Mercy Ananda. Technique Of Prediction. Astrology Decoded. Sue Merlyn Farebrother. Shamanic Astrology.

Inside Planets. Cosmic Weather Report. Mark Borax , Ellias Lonsdale. Cosmic Love. Person-To-Person Astrology. Intuitive Astrology.

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Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology
Gary goldschneiders everyday astrology

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