Leo january 22 weekly horoscope

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Tip of the Week:. Capricorn time is over and Aquarius has begun. It is now clearly evident that the hours of daylight are becoming increasing longer. Then on January 25 Mercury in Capricorn turns Direct again after its tri-annual, 3-week reverse motion phase.

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The 9th and final square between Uranus and Pluto comes to its peak point on January 22nd and will then begin to decrease in intensity. However, it is the time period after the actual square when deliberate action to resolve the issues implied begins and that means now. A new dynamic has been activated. It is activating a rebellious determination. Ambition is woven into this frequency. To offset doubts regarding your place in the world you feel the urge to come out kicking and maybe screaming too.

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Yet, you could just as easily fall back into retreat and surrender. Both can have their advantages. Which one will it be? A soul searching journey continues. Reflecting upon things, you may notice that it is not all about free will. Circumstances beyond your control — call them karmic waves — have certainly played their part. Now you are challenged to reconcile these realities with the pressures of the present moment.

Venus and Jupiter meet in the sky!

The timing looks good to ask for favors and earned rewards. You are beginning to see a bigger picture over the longer term. As much as you want even clearer answers, you may not be so inclined to share your own perspectives, not yet anyway. Sometimes, often even, love and compassion for all, including you, is the wise choice.

Weekly horoscope January 22 – 28

Ideally you are willing to make extra efforts and this includes being open to new answers. A busy social time, which likely includes exchanges with colleagues, is taking an important turn. The time is right to brainstorm for new ideas. Exchanging strategies and allowing for the magic of synergy could unearth some real nuggets.

Sometimes it is best to express while at others listening more, like now, is the way to go. Your mood is shifting. You suddenly feel more social. This trend will continue over the next several weeks.

Leo Weekly Horoscope Jan 22 - 28, 2018

Cleaning, clearing, redecorating and renovations remain likely. These may be linked to your outer environment but it is just likely that it is your beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that need your attention. As if suddenly, you are in an engineering sort of mood. Innovative ideas are entering your mind. Your energy levels are on a steady rise to support you. Yet it may prove extra important not to lean on others for support.

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Leo Monthly Horoscope

You may gain inspiration from your relationships, but the actual follow through is all yours. If you feel blocked, check in to see if subconscious fears are causing you to delay. A playful and social cycle has begun, yet woe to anyone who interferes with your flow. You are determined to bust loose. Better to decipher how than ponder how to plow others out of your way. Adventure and other cultural activities will likely do the trick. With your ambitions still going strong, you may also feel determined to increase your inflow.

Balance work with play for best results. Something is awakening and stirring deep within. New realizations are rising to consciousness. You understand people and situations more fully.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Use caution when giving or borrowing money from someone who has a dubious reputation. Some of you may have child health concerns. During the week your friend will have serious problems and will have more frequent or lengthy phone calls with you. The women of Leo will have a wonderful week, in which specific events will raise their self-esteem, will give rise to a good mood and optimism for the future.

This week your dream will give you information on an issue that has been bothering you over the last days and weeks. Men will be eager, even offensive in their desire to get or accomplish something quickly or at any cost.

leo january 22 weekly horoscope Leo january 22 weekly horoscope
leo january 22 weekly horoscope Leo january 22 weekly horoscope
leo january 22 weekly horoscope Leo january 22 weekly horoscope
leo january 22 weekly horoscope Leo january 22 weekly horoscope
leo january 22 weekly horoscope Leo january 22 weekly horoscope
leo january 22 weekly horoscope Leo january 22 weekly horoscope

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