Mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility

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A steady sex drive is present, but care needs to be taken as the relationship progresses to avoid the sex life becoming boring and repetitive. For people with Mars in an air sign, sex is as much an intellectual as a physical act. With vivid imaginations, those with Mars in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius are often into pornography or role play.

Sexual astrology compatibility with an air sign Mars requires an open mind and a lot of patience, because the thought and idea of sex can be more fun for this playful lot than the actual experience. As lovers, Mars in air sign people like a lot of variety in their love life, and will never let it become boring — but they may lack the sensuality and emotional intimacy that others enjoy.

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When Mars is in a water sign, we find a deeply thoughtful attitude towards sex. People with Mars in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces are romantic and sensual, and want to love with their whole being. Sex and intimacy are vital for these souls, but they value quality over quantity every time and are not really into extreme sex with the possible exception of Scorpio, who will do anything for the sake of power and experience.

With a Mars in water sign individual, sexual astrology compatibility requires a tender approach and an understanding of the emotional implications behind the sexual act. Additionally, fire and air sign Mars people are often magnetically attracted, as are water and earth sign Mars individuals.

Most are not afraid to work for what they want, and there is an overall patience to this position of Mars. If it takes a few years to achieve their goals, so be it. People born under a Mars in Taurus are often rather sensual people. Some are slow to arousal, but theirs is an earthy and powerful sensuality.

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Most have well-defined long-term goals and the determination to achieve them. They usually are not the type of people to take on too many projects at once. You want them to go shopping with you? Immovable is the only way to describe Mars in Taurus people who have made up their minds. Adaptability is not their strong point. In a similar vein, attempting to rush Mars in Taurus people is a lesson in frustration. Mars is the planet that rules our drive and passions. In the mutable air sign of Gemini, Mars is a little scattered and unfocused. Easily bored, Mars in Gemini natives need a fresh change of pace frequently just to keep energy levels up.

Angry words—some of the most incisive and sarcastic ones—can fly around with the more energetic natives. Others simply talk things through—energetically! In fact, debates are a Mars in Gemini specialty. These natives draw on their sharp wit to win arguments.

Venus in Sagittarius

In general, they can be talkative sorts, sometimes bordering on verbal diarrhea. Some people with this position of Mars are quite fidgety. They have much nervous energy. Good speech but aggressive words when i am mad. Having Sun in Taurus. It is very useful info by the way. Thank you. No, your Sun doesn't affect your Venus, as they are not in any form of traditional aspect they may be in an antiscional relationship, though. Bear in mind that Venus is not the only thing an astrologer looks at in a chart when it comes to relationships.

The most important things are the 7th house, its ruler s , the planets in it, Venus and also the Moon. Now, I'm also dominated by water and have Mars and Venus conjunct in my first house.

Mars in Aries

Since you already know that a chart is to be read in its entirety, you shoud take this with a grain of salt and not expect to completely identify with it. So, your comment seems pointless, but it is to be expected from a Mars in the 1st house person. I have a venus in Leo and it is quite true what you say. I really crave attention and admiration, sometimes taking me on a self-destructive path when I have the feeling that those longings are not met. What you said about venus in Leo's vision on relationships and people is also quite true for me.

It is really sad actually I wish I was not like that. Obviously it has it positive side to, but it can be very tiring for me and my close environment. I have sun in libra, moon in aries, jupiter in virgo, venus in leo and sagittarius rising. I feel like my moon in aries is also a real burden. Does Venus like fire? The answer is simple. Venus rules an earth sign Taurus , an air sign Libra and is exalted in a water sign Pisces. Fire, I'm afraid, has nothing to do with all that. Venus in Aries.

Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Sagittarius

This is the sign of Venus' arch-enemy, Mars. Mars represents the male view of life, to which Venus violently opposes. Mars competes, races and hates standing still. Mars sees life as a challenge and its moto is "it can be done". For Venus, this is a waste of valuable time.

Winning prizes is not simply fun, it is accomplishment. When you reach the end of your life, what will there be for you to show for? If the answer is nothing special, then your life was a failure. It's as simple as that. Mars is very sexual and very passionate but doesn't understand relationships.

As long as the passion lasts, everything is fine. When all of it is spent, there's no need for the relationship to continue. What on earth for?

Venus is, therefore, very uncomfortable in Aries as this sign goes against everything it believes in. Women with this placement -particularly if the rest of the chart supports this testimony - very often display manly characteristics or their approach to relationships is what we would call masculine.

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They may show a dislike for other women when the latter ones become "too feminine" and constantly criticize them for not being honest and direct or for "playing tricks". They are often tomboys and dislike spending too much time in front of the mirror. The problem is - if other elements in the chart point to the opposite direction - that sometimes behind this agressiveness and apparent self-assuredness hides a feeling of inadequacy. The feeling of "I'm not woman enough", especially if other people marginalize them exactly because of this.

Venus in Leo. Leo receives a lot of bad press for being individualistic and egocentric. True, very true. When you are on the path of self-knowledge, however, there's no other way.

Rising sign compatibility in romantic relationships

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the sign of self-knowledge and self-knowledge requires having yourself as your top priority. Relationships and other people in general are not appreciated by Leo, despite evidence to the contrary. There's often an insecurity in Leo whether or not they are on the right path.

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Venus, however, is not about the self. When the self is all you care about, even when it is for all the right reasons, there's little room for anyone else. So, this is also a malfunctioning Venus. Remember, the Sun is in fall in Libra, Venus' sign. Venus in Leo can be very flirting, very likeable or even loveable, because it craves admiration from other people and does everything in its power to make the other person say: "I love you, you are the best".

It knows that if it gets involved in a relationship, it will have to make compromises that it is not prepared to make. The other person, however, feels betrayed because, quite naturally, mistook all this flirting for real love. This can be a very seductive Venus, but for all the wrong reasons. Venus in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, which, together with Venus, are the two benefics. They also share a common love for the sign of Pisces. Sagittarius, however, is a hot and dry sign, like all the fire signs and Venus cannot help but feel uncomfortable in it.

Venus in Sagittarius views love as a learning experience. This may be true for most people as love affairs provide us with valuable lessons, but that is not the main reason we get involved with other people. Venus in Sagittarius doesn't really believe in "I want to love and be loved", but rather "Can you help me experience love?

It's not the same as needing love.

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Venus in Sagittarius doesn't need love, it finds it interesting, there's a vast difference. Other people, however, object to this, because they feel they've been used. Yes, it's passionate and exciting, after all it's a fiery Venus, and that can attract other people, but there's a restlessness in this Venus. Because love is an experience, these people want to experience everything that life as a couple can provide. It is not enough sitting on a couch and holding hands while watching TV.

This is boring. The presence of a loved one is never enough. This Venus is always trying to find something new to do, but doesn't understand that this can push people away, not because they are against what this Venus proposes, but because pretty soon they begin to realize that Venus in Sagittarius rarely wants anything else.

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mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility Mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility
mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility Mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility
mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility Mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility
mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility Mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility
mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility Mars sagittarius venus sagittarius compatibility

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